Black & White CARICATURES by
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Black & White CARICATURE of Keith RichardsThis was done in brush, pen and ink.

It's one of 10 caricatures (Paul McCartney,
Keith Richards, Florence Joyner, Carlos Santana, Akira Kurosawa, Steven Spielberg,
Billy Joel, Malcom Forbes, Donna Karan, and Jeanne Moss
I drew for Seisyun Publishing Co, Ltd. It's  Knowing What to say more than how to say it  by
Marsha Krakower. I was hired after Marsha was told about and shown my web site by a friend at
the Graphic Artists Guild.

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By the way, this page does not represent the work I do at parties. For inormation about that please go to
the PARTY CARICATURES section of this website. Meanwhile, by all means, enjoy the art here.
Drawings like these make great gifts.






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